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January 24-25, 2013. Carpinteria, CA. 

The duo perform and teach at Cate!

It is our second year back at Cate, and the magic hasn’t lessened. I’m still impressed by the great student body, the picturesque campus, and the caring faculty. We had the opportunity to perform for the whole school and then lead some workshops in their beautiful library. A special thanks to Peter Arrango for making the trip happen! --P

January 23, 2013. Newport Coast, CA. 

P&S perform at Harbor Day School!

Thanks for a great show Harbor Day! We could feel the high energy in the building from the moment we walked in, and we found out why - the students had their own poetry slam right before we got there! In fact, we got treated to some great duet poems from the students, and they almost put us out of the job! Thanks for all your love, can’t wait to see you again. –P

January 18, 2013. Newport Coast, CA. 

Phil and Sarah perform an open to the public show at Sage Hill School!

Returning to perform at my high school alma mater still makes my hands shake and my heart flutter. This was the first place I ever performed a poem. These were the first teachers that ever told me to keep following my passion. And so it meant a lot to me when I learned we had sold out the brand new theater for our night show. But it meant even more to me when there were students that opened for us who had been inspired by our performances in past years. I can’t thank these walls enough. I feel lucky to be back at my second home! --P

January 17, 2013. San Diego, CA. 

The duo perform at Point Loma HS!

I can still feel the energy from this crowd. What an amazing group of students! Every single one of the 300 audience members in the packed theater had earned their seat by showing their interest and passion for the art form. And we can't thank them enough. We were all smiles on the way home, thanks Point Loma! A special shout out to Yolanda Beltran who organized the show and made it happen. --P

January 16, 2013. Carlsbad, CA. 

Phil and Sarah perform and teach at Pacific Ridge School!

Pacific Ridge is still a new school. That newness creates a particular vibe in the students, the same vibe I had when I was a student at my own high school. There’s an excitement. There’s an ownership of what the school feels like. About where it will go. About what defines it. And it is an exciting feeling to be a part of! Thanks to Peyton Bray, the Chen family and all the students who were brave enough to share their work. --P

January 10, 2013. Honolulu, HI. 

P&S perform and teach at La Pietra! 

What a lovely group of ladies at La Pietra. We heard great poems. We watched new great poems being made. We walked in the shadow of a gorgeous campus modeled after a villa in Italy. We may very well never leave Hawaii! --P

January 2-9, 2013. Honolulu, HI. 

Phil and Sarah perform and teach at Punahou School!

Wow, Punahou. From the beautiful campus to the amazing staff to the outrageously talented students, Punahou showed that it is clearly a special spot. It was an absolute treat for us - we got to work with all 3,700 students from K-12 over a six day residency. Here's a video of some of the first graders sharing their poetry with us! We were hosted as part of Punahou’s Innovation Series, presented by the School’s Institute for Teaching, Learning and Instructional Innovation, in conjunction with Thurston Memorial Chapel and Luke Center for Public Service. A huge hug and thank you to Bruce, Sonya, the Chaplains and the Luke Center Aunties for making it such an amazing trip! --P

December 12-13. Denver, CO. 

Phil performs and teaches at Denver Montessori School!

This might have just been the cutest group of students I've ever gotten to work with - from the fresh-faced kindergarteners to the swagalicious sixth graders. We started out strangers, and by the end of it there were Gecko high-fives all around. Not to mention, Denver might be one of the more endearing cities in America. Can't wait to make it back! --P

December 5-10. Surkhet, Nepal.
Sarah performs, teaches, plays, and visits with the children at Kopila Valley Home and Kopila Valley School!
It is impossible to describe the amount of love that I experienced during my short stay at Kopila Valley Home in Surkhet. If you don’t already know about Maggie Doyne and her incredible journey, look up her website and her story. Maggie’s vision, hard work, and inextinguishable love has made Kopila Valley Home into a community of support and safety for so many incredible children to grow and blossom. And now Kopila Valley School is flourishing under her watchful eye as well. The staff and volunteers are absolutely amazing, it was a colossal blessing to be included in this unbelievable family. (Photo by Benjamin Heiber.) --S

December 4. Dhulikhel, Nepal.
Sarah performs and teaches at Kathmandu University High School!
After a jam-packed week, I closed out my Kathmandu tour with a performance and workshop at Kathmandu University High School. It was lovely to have Ujjwala Maharjan and Yukta Bajracharya performing alongside me, since the two wonderful ladies have worked so hard in putting together the entire tour. Also on board were the fantastic Pranab and Suvani Singh: the power couple of Quixote’s Cove who helped bring this tour to life. Much thanks to the US Embassy in Nepal for the grant to make this all possible. And of course love and gratitude to all of the poets, students, audience members, and friends that have been so supportive along the way. Now off to Surkhet! --S

December 3. Kapan, Nepal.
Sarah performs and teaches at Rato Bangala School in Patan Dhoka and Daffodils School!
A very busy day. I first performed for an enormous audience at the Rato Bangala School, accompanied by Word Warrior poets and Rato Bangala alumni! After a jam-packed workshop, the troupe took a drive to Daffodils school for a combination performance/workshop with some students there! Then a long drive to Namobuddha up in the hills. (Photo by Ujjwala Maharjan.) --S

December 2. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Sarah performs at Shuvatara School and performs and teaches at Thames College!
My morning show at Shuvatara was packed full of surprises. First, there was a hand-drawn banner to welcome me. Then there were “Khada” banners draped over my shoulders for good luck. Then there was an amazing band that played Nepali folk music while the students and staff danced with me. Not to mention the wonderful part where some of the Word Warriors came to perform alongside me! Then, after lunch, I returned to Thames college, this time to perform for the actual students that attend the college. I also led a workshop for Thames students. Much thanks to the wonderful ladies who came to perform and teach along with me! (Photo by Ujjwala Maharjan.) --S

December 1. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Sarah discusses “The Power of Spoken Word” with Gaurab Subba at the Bakery Café in Sundhara!
I had a wonderful afternoon having a public conversation with the extremely charming and terrifically talented Gaurab Subba. Gaurab is an experienced poet and hip hop artist from Nepal’s local “Nep Hop” scene. Together, he and I spoke about topics ranging from travel to childhood to writing styles, and everything in between. Much thanks to the folks who came out to listen and ask questions. (Photo by Ujjwala Maharjan.) --S

November 30. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Performing at the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu and performing at the Jatra Restaurant in Thamel!
What a busy morning, followed by a magical night. I performed at the U.S. Embassy for an audience of diplomats, staff members, and local school children from Nepal Model School as well. Then I got ready for the big show at Jatra Restaurant in Thamel. 200 people showed up! The outdoor seating with the strings of fairy lights dotting the trees made everything seem mystical. Plus, I was thrilled to have some of my students from the Word Warriors workshops open the show! The audience was overflowing with love. What a joyful night. (Photo by Shashank Shrestha.) --S

November 29. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Sarah performs and teaches at Lincoln School and leads a performance workshop with the Word Warriors Group at Thames College!
Lincoln School is an American school, and there are a lot of expats and international kids, which reminded me of my upbringing at the United Nations International School in New York City. After a brief performance and workshop with high school students, I ran back to Thames College for workshop #2 with the Word Warrior poets. Today’s workshop focused mainly on performance, with some fantastic work shared by everyone present. Thanks to all the Word Warriors for their dedication and openness. (Photo by Ujjwala Maharjan.) --S

November 28. Kathmandu, Nepal.
Sarah performs at Nava Prabhat School for middle school students and leads a workshop for the spoken word poets of the Word Warriors Group at Thames College!
First day of the big Kathmandu tour! For the first stop, I performed in the school yard of Nava Prabhat for some very curious and excited students. One student asked, “Have you ever performed for Barack Obama?” Not yet! Later, I went to Thames College to lead an intensive writing workshop with the poets of the Word Warriors group. What a talented, kind group of people! Day #1 was a smashing success. (Photo by Bijay Gajmer.) --S

November 21-25. Nice, France.
Sarah speakes and teaches at the European Conference of International Schools!
I was so honored to be able to give the opening keynote address to start off the conference of over 800 educators from around the world. I also led two different breakout sessions in the form of professional-development-style workshops for teachers. The workshops had over 150 participants in total! And the best part of all was that three of my past teachers were there!  From high school and all the way back to seventh grade!  It was such a treat to see them. All around, the entire conference was a huge success. So much thanks to Jean Vahey and Michelle Clue for all their help and dedication.  --S

November 17. New Canaan, CT
Project VOICE at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint!
What a wonderful day. We performed to a packed audience of all ages in the beautiful, sunny yoga studio. Then we led a workshop for high school students that was open to the public, followed by a workshop for adults. All three events were an enormous success. So much love and gratitude to the extremely kind folks at Saraswati’s for making it happen! (Photos by Chris Bartlett) --S

November 16. New Canaan, CT
Project VOICE at New Canaan High School!
Even though we were only able to stay for a performance, it was great to stick around afterward for a little while to meet folks and have an informal Q&A with students. New Canaan students are spunky and thoughtful in a delightful way! --S

November 14-15. Stamford, CT
Project VOICE  at King Low Heywood Thomas!
An intimate evening performance for the parents and community members, followed by daytime performances and workshops with students allowed us to have some deep “King” love. The students were smart, and the staff were amazing. Much thanks to Keeniun for all his help in making it possible! --S

November 10. University Park, PA
Sarah performing at Penn State University!
Despite the long Amtrak ride, it was a lovely treat to perform at Penn State University. The students hosting the event were lovely and enthusiastic, and as an added bonus, my mother came along for the ride! --S

November 5-6. Nashville, TN.
Project VOICE at Harpeth Hall!
Go Honey Bears! (That’s Harpeth Hall’s mascot, and one of my favorite mascots of all time.) The ladies of Harpeth Hall were absolutely fantastic. And the school itself is a sight to behold. It was a joy to spend two days performing and working with students of all ages here. --S

November 2. Nashville, TN.
Project VOICE at Christ Presbyterian Academy!
After a morning performance in the chapel, we spent the whole day working with students at CPA in workshops. The workshops were short, so they had to be speedy, but everybody held on tight and dug in deep. Much thanks to the staff who helped make this possible. --S

October 30. Greensboro, NC.
Project VOICE at B’nai Shalom Day School!
We gave an evening performance to parents, students, and community members, followed by a morning workshop with students. Everyone from the youngest student to the oldest grandparent made Project VOICE feel extremely welcome. Most exciting of all, the students worked on their own poems after we left, and sent us this video to show us what they were working on.  Thanks to all! (Photo by Andrew Bowen.) --S

October 30. Columbus, NC.
Project VOICE at Polk County High School!
The students at Polk County High School all stand up whenever the senior class enters the room. They also have a surprisingly life-like wolverine mascot. The show itself was absolutely fantastic: enthusiastic and welcoming! Extra thanks to Bronwyn for her incredible hard work in putting this together! --S

October 29. Davidson, NC.

Project VOICE at Davidson College!

We taught a workshop with Davidson students, and performed in an open to the public performance. The workshop was delightfully intimate and in depth, and the performance was a full house! Thanks to the organizers for a great day! --S

October 23. Lake Placid, NY.

Project VOICE at Northwood School!

The students at Northwood School were so much fun to work with.  We wrote, we played, we tried (and failed) not to make too much noise in the library. Much thanks to everyone for coming out, and much thanks to Michael Aldridge for the lovely photos of the workshop! --S

October 22. Lake Placid, NY.

Phil and Sarah at the Lake Placid Center for the Performing Arts!

What an absolutely beautiful space.  We were so excited to perform a night show for schools in the area, organized by the folks from Northwood School.  Plus, everyone in the audience looked so dapper!  They were all in suits and dresses; we even felt a little underdressed for our own show! --S

October 19. Pittsburgh, PA.

Phil and Sarah at the Ellis School!
Go Tigers! The ladies at the Ellis School were a joy to work with. Smart, funny, and open to adventure, we were excited to spend the day at Ellis! --S

October 17-18. Detroit, MI. 

Phil and Sarah at Hillel Day School!

This trip was exciting to us for a lot of reasons. For one - it was our first visit to Detroit, historically one of America's vital organs. Second, we'd only heard great things about Hillel Day School. And it didn't disappoint. From Steve, the incredible Head of School, to the teachers, to the students we got to work with - the excitement about creative expression was infectious. Thanks so much for having us! --P

October 15, 2012. Oberlin, OH. 

Project V.O.I.C.E. at Oberlin High School!

We didn't know much about the town of Oberlin before we got there, but what we found was a community of wonderful people, engaging educators and one of the more quaint downtowns we've come across in our travels. Thanks to the awesome group of high schoolers we performed for and had in workshop. And a special thanks to Donna Shurr for making the visit happen! --P 

October 11-12, 2012. Cleveland, OH. 

Phil and Sarah at Ruffing Montessori School!

From the time we first set into the school, we knew this was going to be an awesome group of students, teachers and administration. What a caring group of adults and vibrant bunch of children. We had a total blast working with them; hopefully we'll see the Ruffing crew again soon. Not to mention, Cleveland won us over - what an awesome city! --P

October 8, 2012. Stockholm, Sweden.

Sarah performs at Värmdö Gymnasium in Stockholm, Sweden!
I was thrilled to perform for a hundred 15-19 year olds at Värmdö Gymnasium today. Despite arriving straight from the airport with all of her luggage, I managed to make it through the whole performance, thanks to the extremely attentive and delightful audience! Much thanks to Karin and Oskar for planning the event! --S

October 4-7, 2012. Madrid, Spain.

Sarah presents at the International Baccalaureate Regional Conference of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East!
The third and final IB regional conference of the year was the biggest one! Over 1,000 people in attendance! It was exciting to see some familiar faces from past IB events and it was great to meet some wonderful educators from all over the region. Much thanks to the event organizers for such a lovely conference. --S

September 28, 2012. Georgetown, TX. 

Phil performs with Anis Mojgani!

This wasn't a planned show. I was visiting Austin, TX because 1) some of my closest friends have moved there 2) it is one of my new favorite American cities 3) I love BBQ. Little did I know before going there that one of my poet pals Anis Mojgani had a show just outside the city. Seeing that Anis is one of my favorite poets out there today (everyone should check him out), I tagged along with him to watch his show. Halfway through the show, he surprised me and called me up to perform. After sufficiently peeing myself, I went up there and did my thing. --P

September 1, 2012. Stockholm, Sweden.

Sarah presents at the Bonnier GRID Conference!

I had the great honor of performing at this year’s Bonnier Grid Conference alongside Abraham Verghese, Pia Sundhage, Margaret Stewart, Chip Kidd, Ameena Matthews, Andy Puddicombe, Bunker Roy, and many other amazing speakers. The Bonnier family and community made the entire event warm and welcoming and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to speak about a few topics I feel very passionately about: mentoring and works in progress!  As an added bonus, the amazing publication Poets&Writers Magazine featured the video of my talk on their website!  Click below to watch the video!

August 1-2, 2012. New Milford, CT.

Phil performs at Buck's Rock!

When I first decided to perform at Buck's Rock, I didn't know exactly what to expect. I knew it was a place where artistic kids could explore their talents and that it was in the woods - but not much beyond that. What I found was astonishing. The group of kids I got to work with were all not only wildly talented, but exploring art in all different contexts - not just writing and performing, but painting, bookmaking, glassblowing, metal working, the list goes on and on! It was a magical few days, not to mention, I got to spend the night in a log cabin! --P

July 12-15, 2012. Cancun, Mexico.

Sarah performs at the International Baccalaureate's Annual Conference of the Americas!

It is always an honor to be a part of the International Baccalaureate’s work in education and it was a wonderful conference to be present for. Over 800 educators from all over North, Central, and South America were present to discuss a wide range of topics. Thanks to the organizers for their hard work and gracious hospitality! --S

July 1-3, 2012. Cedar Rapids, IA. 

Project V.O.I.C.E. at Cono School!

July and August are two months that Sarah and I try to set aside to stay off the touring trail, write a lot more poetry, and become real people again. It is only very special shows that we do during these months. And Cono was a special group of kids indeed. We had our hearts melted by this small group of incredible, curious, and talented students. We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts for all they gave us - we wish we could have stayed longer! We miss you. --P

June 10, 2012. Chicago, IL.

Sarah features at the legendary Green Mill Tavern in Chicago, IL!
It was not surprising that Marc Kelly Smith was an incredible host. It was not surprising that the Green Mill feels like the coziest speakeasy in the country. It was not surprising that Chicago is warm and windy and full of magic. It was surprising that my once-upon-a-time-mentor and always-friend Taylor Mali was in town at the same time as I was, and that we did a double feature together! The photo above is me sitting between the two poetry legends.  It is the best kind of poetry sandwich. --S

June 7, 2012. New York, NY. 

Phil headlines the famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe!

The Nuyorican Poets Cafe (or "Nuyo", as everyone calls it) has been around forever and has always loomed large in my own poetry imagination. It was one of the first real poetry venues I visited after moving from the west coast and where I first saw what poetry could feel like on a big stage. Needless to say, to be asked to headline a show there meant a lot to my sixteen year old self. Not only that, but I got to perform alongside Franny Choi (one of my good friends and favorite poets) and Joel McKerrow who was on tour here all the way from Australia! Thanks to everyone who came out and made it an incredible night. --P

June 1, 2012. Gladstone, NJ.

Phil comes back to Gill St. Bernards!

It isn't often that we get the chance to revisit a group of students after seeing them earlier in the year, so it feels like a real treat when it happens. The group of students I got to work with at Gill St. Bernards had a chance to let spoken word marinate in their minds for a few months, and now they had nothing but amazing things come out onto the page. Thanks for having me back! --P

May 18-19,2012. Andover, MA.

Project V.O.I.C.E. at Phillips Academy Andover!

If you didn't know any better, you might think that Phillips Academy Andover was a college, based on how immense and beautiful the campus is. You might also think that based on how articulate and mature the students are! We were delighted to spend two days with Andover students in an evening performance and a morning workshop. Much thanks to the students who went to bat for us! --S

May 17, 2012. The Interwebs and Audio Waves.

Sarah Kay on "On Being" on American Public Radio!

I had the great joy and honor of being on the American Public Radio show "On Being" with Krista Tippett! The show is now online and reminds me what a lovely time I had speaking with Krista about language, faith, and connection.  Listen to the show here!

May 9-10, 2012. Jacksonville, FL.

Project V.O.I.C.E. at Southside Middle School!

Two days at Southside Middle School was a great adventure for us northerners!  The students were excited and super at picking out fascinating words from our writing exercises.  Thanks to everyone who made the trip possible! --S

May 4, 2012. New York, NY.

Project V.O.I.C.E. at the United Nations International School

In 2006, when I graduated from UNIS, I was maybe the only kid in the high school that cared about Spoken Word Poetry. Or at least I felt like the only one who was willing to admit it publicly. We didn't have slams. I had to beg and plead for an open mic... which was subsequently filled with musicians. Needless to say, when I was asked to come host a "UNIS slam" last week, I definitely did not expect much. Instead, I found 15 miraculous young poets who had all written, memorized, and rehearsed their poems. They were articulate, moving, and brave, and I was so proud that they took their own work seriously enough to learn it, and practice it, and believe in their poetry. (Plus: the poems were AWESOME.) Immensely impressed. Immensely proud. --S

May 1, 2012. Providence, RI.

Phil and Sarah at the Lincoln School!

A lovely morning with the ladies of Lincoln School, despite the gloomy raincloud over Providence.  Congratulations to Beatrice Swift, and much thanks to Julia Eels for organizing the event! --S

April 26, 2012. Los Angeles, CA.

Phil speaks at YPO Pacific Edge!

It has been a while since I've gotten butterflies like this, but what a fun show. Speaking alongside some heavy hitters in the business world is always a bit nerve racking, but it turned out to be a big success. Even more, I got to perform a brand new poem for the first time, and even had my father in the audience! --P

April 19, 2012. Claremont, CA.

Phil performs at Pomona College!

Sometimes I forget how much I really do love California and the people who inhabit it. At every turn I got to meet wonderful people: the organizers, the audience, even the people working the event. Thanks to everyone who made it, hope to see you all again soon! --P

April 17, 2012. Boston, MA.

Sarah at Emerson College with Franny Choi!

This photo was not taken tonight.  This photo was taken on Halloween my sophomore year of college, when I was dressed as Pikachu and Franny was dressed as Jessie from Team Rocket.  But I feel it is a pretty accurate representation of the high level of shenanigans that occurs when you let Franny and I play together.  Tonight's show was all kinds of shenanigans, including: a fire drill, some free sushi, and a lot of sweating.  Much thanks to Veronica Del Rosario and the rest of the students in the "ASIA" club for putting together such a fun event, and much thanks to Franny for being as awesome as always. --S

April 13, 2012. Hanover, NH.

Phil and Sarah at Dartmouth College!

I have loved Anis Mojgani since I was 16.  It has been a sincere honor to be able to call him a friend, and it was a lifelong dream to get to share the stage with him.  Tonight, that dream came true, as we performed for the packed house of One Wheelock.  I was also blown away by Aimee Le, who I had never heard before, but am so glad to have discovered her. Over all, a wholly victorious night.  My heart is full of poetry and love. --S

April 13, 2012. Bedford, NH.

Phil and Sarah at Bedford High School!

Stop #2 was Bedford High School.  Thank goodness we had those sandwiches from the cafeteria, or we might have fainted from exhaustion.  Much thanks to the folks at Bedford for the warm reception and enthusiasm, and to our super roadies (my folks!) for shuttling us from place to place! --S

April 13, 2012. Derryfield, NH.

Phil and Sarah at Derryfield School!

We started out our one-day New Hampshire marathon tour with a visit to Derryfield school, and their absolutely gorgeous campus.  The highlight was definitely getting to chat with students and teachers after the show.  Lots of bright folks getting us off to a great start! --S

April 10, 2012. Boston, MA. 

Phil and Sarah at Brookline High School!

We had been excited about this show for the few weeks leading up to it - Brookline High School was the Alma Mater of one of my good friends and college roommates, David Notis, as well as another friend and one of our favorite writers in the country, Laura Brown-Lavoie. Needless to say, Brookline High lived up to the hype, with great students, incredible teachers, and an undeniably wonderful vibe. Thanks for having us! --P 

April 7, 2012. Williamsburg, VA.

Phil and Sarah at The College of William & Mary!

What a fun show. Aside from getting to do a show for a great crowd in one of William and Mary's beautiful theaters, I also completely underestimated how awesome colonial Williamsburg is. Sarah and I got to spend the day with the show's organizers taking pictures in stacks, looking at bonnets, and hanging out with some historical reenactors. All in all, a great success of a day. Thanks to everyone who came out, and an extra big thanks to Ryann, Chelsea, Stacy and Maggie for making it happen and showing us around! --P

April 6, 2012. Swarthmore, PA.

Phil performs at Swarthmore!

I had heard only wonderful things about Swarthmore, and the school lived up to all of its expectations. Not only was the place beautiful, but also students listened hard, laughed loud, and stayed with me the whole time - even in my Dayquil addled state. Thanks again to Dorothy Kim and all of the SAO who made the event happen! --P


April 5, 2012. Gladstone, NJ.

Phil and Sarah perform and teach at Gill St. Bernard's School

Fresh off the plane from our Singapore/New Zealand/Australia tour (I got back to The States the night before!) we set out for Gill St. Bernard's in New Jersey. It was a beautiful school, and we were lucky to run two workshops with some awesome students. In fact, we had such a fun time that they invited us to come back for another workshop in June. Thanks GSB! --P

March 27, 2012. Melbourne, Australia.

Phil and Sarah perform at the Malthouse Theatre with Dumbo Feather Magazine

This was such a magical night.  We performed to a sold-out house at the gorgeous Malthouse Theatre, for a room full of enthusiastic, eager audience members.  Much thanks to all the folks at the Malthouse and Dumbo Feather for putting together such a spectacular evening, and extra thanks to Ming-Zhu and Berry for their care and hard work. (Keep an eye out for Sarah's upcoming interview in Dumbo Feather Magazine as well!) --S

March 26, 2012. Sydney, Australia.

Project VOICE Professional Development Workshop for Teachers and Professionals

I always get really excited about working with teachers and educators.  And we definitely lucked out on this group of bright, funny, passionate folks who showed up for our Professional Development Workshop in Blacktown. Thank you for the Westwords folks for organizing, and the Word Travels folks for helping as well. --S

March 26, 2012. Sydney, Australia.

Project VOICE at Trinity Grammar School

We got a quick ride from Rooty Hill to Trinity, and jumped back on stage to perform for the upstanding gentlemen of the high school.  Much thanks to Chris Barnes and the other wonderful teachers for their support and quick-scheduling for making this happen! --S

March 26, 2012. Sydney, Australia.

Project VOICE at Rooty Hill High School

We had a great extended workshop with students from Rooty Hill High School, and visiting students from other shcools as well.  Much thanks to Miles and Candy for sharing workshop time with us, and for all the folks who made this shindig possible! Good luck to all the poets gearing up for the Rumble competition!--S

March 25, 2012. Sydney, Australia.

Phil and Sarah feature with Word Travels

We were so impressed by how many wonderful folks we were able to cram into a pop-up art space in the Rocks.  People sat on the floor, on each other.  It was warm and cozy, and not just because of the shared body heat.  Much thanks to everyone who came out, the great local Sydney poets who shared the stage with us, and the great folks at Word Travels who helped put it together! --S

March 24, 2012. Sydney, Australia.

Project VOICE workshops at the Lebanese Muslim Association

Some dedicated folks showed up this morning to continue our poetry dialogue from last night!  A warm, friendly, open workshop in an intimate space is exactly the way I like to start my Saturdays.  Much thanks to LMA again! --S

March 23, 2012. Sydney, Australia.

Phil and Sarah perform at the Lebanese Muslim Association

This was a night full of community, family, poetry, and love.  It was an honor to meet and watch performances by local artists Matuse, Zohab Khan, and Omeima Sukkarieh.  Much thanks to the folks at LMA for their organizing and support! --S

March 23, 2012. Sydney, Australia

Project VOICE at Cabramatta High School.

We had a great time performing and teaching at Cabramatta HS, working with a variety of students from all different year levels in the school.  We even got a chance to run around a little bit, and learn some new Australian slang!  We're trying to figure out how to be hip Australians.  --S

March 22, 2012. Melbourne, Australia

Phil and Sarah feature at Sweetalkers!

Ok, I'll say it.  Australians are awesome.  We performed for a packed house at Bar Open on Brunswick Street tonight. Many thanks to the two gentlemen who performed an opening duet poet in the form of a marriage proposal that caused me to blush 90 shades of red, many thanks to the organizers (especially Randall Stephens) for putting it all together, and extra thanks to all the folks who came out to support! --S

March 22, 2012. Melbourne, Australia.

Project VOICE at Carey Grammar School.

We spent part of the day with some enthusiastic theater students at Carey Grammar School.  Thankfully they understood our American accents.  And we understood their Australian ones! --S

March 21, 2012. Melbourne, Australia.
Phli and Sarah feature at Slamalamadingdong in Melbourne!
We performed a feature set at Melbourne’s exciting new Slam venue, along with a who’s who of amazing local poets. The room was packed, the audience was excited, the slam was whiz-bang, and the MC was great. Extra thanks to Michelle Dabrowski for organizing and making everyone feel so welcome. --S

March 19, 2012. New Zealand.

Phil performs at the Thistle Inn.

This was my last show in New Zealand, and it was a great one to send me off. Just steps away from the country's Parliment building, The Thistle Inn is the oldest establishment in New Zealand, and you could feel the history dripping off its walls. A big thanks to Gus Simonovic who made the show possible! --P

March 19, 2012. Singapore.
Sarah performs at the Blu Jaz with Word Forward!
It is unbelievable how many people crammed into the upstairs room of the Blu Jaz to see this show. The best part was how diverse the audience was. High school and middle school students with their parents, teachers from the recent IBO conference, locals, expats, poets, and everybody in between. The three ladies in this photo definitely won the evening’s #1 fan award. Much thanks to Word Forward for organizing the event, and for all the local Singapore poets who graced the stage as well! --S

March 19, 2012. New Zealand. 

Phil performs and teaches at Wellington Girls College!

Even as I was making my way to the Wellington Girls College for this show, I knew it was going to be a special one. The school is right next to New Zealand's Parliament building, shaped like a giant modernist beehive. The College shared the same beehive spirit, filled with bright, wonderful and engaged students all excited to share their thoughts and soak in some poetry. Thanks for having me! --P

March 16, 2012. Singapore.

Sarah performs at the United World College School.

Nothing like performing for a few hundred 7th graders last thing on a Friday afternoon to keep a performer on her toes. But honestly, it was a great time, and a delightful bunch of students. Much thanks to Caroline Meek for helping put it together! --S

March 16, 2012. New Zealand.

Phil performs with the South Auckland Poetry Collective!
Any time the topic of New Zealand poetry comes up, the South Auckland Poetry Collective almost always finds its way into the conversation. It was an honor to get to perform with this group of artists. As it turns out, they aren't just talented, but also great folks to be around in general. Case in point, they had me over for a BBQ before the show just so we could hang out and share poems. What more can a dude ask for?  --P

March 16, 2012. Singapore.

Sarah delivers a keynote at the IB Asia Pacific Annual Conference.
It was a great joy to speak with teachers and educators from all over Asia and Australia. Hopefully Project V.O.I.C.E. will find a way to visit some of the wonderful schools that were represented this morning in the coming year! Much thanks to all the organizers who made this possible. --S

March 13, 2012. Auckland, New Zealand. 

Phil headlines at Poetry Live!

This was a wonderful introduction to the warmth and talent of the New Zealand poetry community. Thanks to all the people who packed the place to the gills - it was an incredible start to my time in NZ. A very special thanks to Michelle Durey in particular who helped make this show and my entire visit to New Zealand possible! --P

March 7, 2012. Farmington, CT.

Sarah performs and teaches at Miss Porter's School.

What a splendid morning.  I performed at an all-school assembly for the 9-12 graders and then sat in on a tenth grade English class with Sarah G. Much love and gratitude for the wonderful ladies at Miss Porter’s and to Toni for helping make it happen! --S

March 1, 2012. Seattle, WA.

Sarah delivers a keynote address at the NAIS Annual Conference.

I was honored to be a speaker at this year’s Conference for the National Association of Independent Schools alongside Cheryl Crazy Bull and Stephen Carter. It was also exciting to have friendly faces appear in the audience unexpectedly! Including my tenth grade math teacher! Much thanks to the organizers who managed getting me in and out of Seattle in 7 hours of time! --S

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